What is the Home Selling Process?

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A Simple Process…With Complicated Variables

Perhaps the most challenging question for me to answer from anyone who is preparing to sell their home is “What’s the process?”.  The process itself is actually very simple; it’s the myriad and mix of variables that makes each home sale a unique experience.  After all, each seller and each buyer have their own set of aspirations, circumstances and abilities.  Every property is different. Other professionals and institutions are involved.  So keeping in mind that this simple process is never truly this simple… here it is!


The Sales Process - 12 steps, in three parts, with timetable


Planning and Preparedness (1 week - 1 year)

1. Hire a Realtor® - consider qualifications, agree on a price strategy, marketing strategy and make-ready plan

2. Prepare your Home for Sale - projects, improvements, staging

3. Cue up Marketing - gather professional photos, 3d tours, floor plans, brochures, MLS draft

4. Float “coming soon” marketing


For Sale - On Market (1-30 days)

5. Launch Marketing

6. Show Property to Potential Buyers

7. Monitor the Market - make adjustments

8. Entertain Offers


Offer Accepted - Closing Details (30-90 days)

9. Resolve all Contingencies - inspections, contracts, financing

10. Hurdle all Hurdles*

11. Complete Seller Duties - final accounting, smoke/co compliance, clear title

12. Move and close


Easy, right?  Theoretically, yes.  But in practicality, not really. There are MANY layered, moving parts and lots of consideration and work involved in each of these 12 steps.  Still - it’s a good framework.   

*In my next blog post, I’ll expand upon those “hurdles”.  I refer to them as turbulence.  Fortunately for you, I’m a veteran pilot with expert navigation skills. :)  


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